main-hd-line Why Choose Joe Ficalora & Associates?

1. Directness

Dealing with the primary of the consultancy.

2. Terms

Simple and direct contracts, not fifteen page contracts designed to slant things to the consulting company.

3. Speed

Quick decisions, no bureaucracy.

4. Cost

You are not paying for overhead personnel "back at the ranch".

5. Flexibility

Dealing with the owners/consultants allows for more possibilities than an overhead command & control structure.

6. Transparency

No "bait and switch" with consultants from a consultancy that is trying to simultaneously satisfy 20 or more different customers.

7. Focus

You are not just another customer— you are THE customer.

8. Leadership

An experienced, seasoned MBB, with pedigree, twenty years of design experience and over a decade of Voice of the Customer consulting.

9. Foundations

The leadership and ownership are one in the same, with clear focus about how and why the consultancy is run.

10. Billing

The way you want it, in your format, right each time, prepared by those who performed the work, not by another 'department'.

11. Listening

We practice what we preach, your voices count here. Few consultancies are led by VOC experts, with deep experience in making DFSS a reality.

12. Openness

Zero layers of management here, and we are committed to doing what's most important to satisfy you, our customers.

13. Trust

We say what we'll do and we do what we say, knowing your counting on us to follow through on commitments.

14. Locale

We work in your area, with no attempt to "remotely control" how things are done from some far-away central headquarters.

15. Training Materials

We work with you to develop and customize only what you need and nothing more.