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Quality Function Deployment and Six Sigma

A QFD Handbook, Second Edition

This book fulfills the need for many engineers, managers, and engineering supervisors who wish to improve their companies' new-product development processes by including QFD, by itself or with deployment of Lean Six Sigma or DFSS.

QFD and Six Sigma

Fault Tree Analysis and Lean Six Sigma

One of the more useful tools in Lean Six Sigma problem investigations is the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis or FMEA. This tool gathers and organizes team inputs, problem detection, severity and occurrence in a useful and valuable way to track risks to input variables and output variables.


Oracle Crystal Ball and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)

Karl Luce, Master Black Belt for Oracle Crystal Ball, and Joe Ficalora, Executive Vice President, join us to discuss Oracles Crystal Ball software. Karl explains how Crystal Ball is used in the manufacturing processes and answers a few questions.

Innovation & Design for Six Sigma

This is the first part of a multi-part show on DFSS and Innovation. Joe Ficalora and Bill Hertzing discuss the basic objectives of innovation in comparison to companies like Apple Inc. who have revolutionized the MP3 and mobile phone markets.

Design for Six Sigma Roadmap

Joe Ficalora discusses the design for six sigma roadmap. Similar to DMAIC but also includes CDOC. Then he discusses DFSS and your company's strategy. Where does it fit in?

Combining Lean Six Sigma Methodologies

Joe Costello and Joe Ficalora discuss combining the tools and methodologies of Lean and Six Sigma. to help businesses reduce waste and cut costs using Lean and Six Sigma.