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Quality Function Deployment and Six Sigma by Joe Ficalora and Lou Cohen, 2nd Edition, 2009

Six Sigma – The First 90 Days, Steve Zinkgraf, 2006, Contributing Author

TRIZ – September 2006, China Press, Preface Contributor

Upcoming DFSS Book, Randy Perry, Contributing Author

Leading Six Sigma, Snee, Hoerl, 2002, Acknowledged Contributor

Articles & Conference Workshops

Fault Tree Analysis Overview – SBTI Quarterly Newsletter October 2006

Data Mining in Healthcare with JMP Workshop – Las Vegas, NV September 2006

Six Sigma in Continuous Processes – Annual BB Conference – Shenzen, China August 2006

DFSS Overview – Annual BB Conference – Shenzen, China August 2006

Data Mining Analysis Overview – SBTI Quarterly Newsletter April 2006

DFSS Metrics, Six Sigma Summit – Miami, FL January 2006

VOC & DFSS Workshop, Energy Shared Services Conference – Chicago, IL September 2004

Lean and Six Sigma Integration, First Annual BB Conference – Shanghai, China November, 2003

Lean Manufacturing from a Six-Sigma Perspective – NY Metro Meeting of ASQ September 2000

Six-Sigma in Non-Manufacturing Applications – NY State Quality Auditors Conference June 1999

QFD from a Six Sigma Perspective, and An Intuitive Method of Teaching Cook's D 1998 World Wide Black Belt Symposium – Dallas, TX

Sigma Reporting; Calculation and Rollup Methodology for AlliedSignal

Six Sigma Application to Administrative Processes

Six Sigma Analysis of the Integrated Product Delivery and Support Process


US Patent #5,022,759 "Ring Laser Gyroscope Arranged for Maintaining Ionized Gas Discharge Transverse to the Optical Axis of the Gyroscope"

US Patent#5,327,212 "Ring Laser Gyroscope and Accelerometer Multi-sensor"

US Patent #5,131,751 "RLG Cavity Length Controller, Frame Compression"

US Patent #5,104,224 "RLG Having Reduced Sensitivity to Magnetic Effects"

US Patent #4,836,677 "Ring Laser Cavity Length Control Mirror Assembly"