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Currently the principal of Joe Ficalora & Associates, serving DFSS and Lean Six Sigma client needs around the globe, Joe is a thought leader and contributor of many varied DFSS programs, having served as deployment advisor, instructor and DFSS Master Black Belt for over a decade. He was a partner/owner at SBTI, serving on the Board of Directors for SBTI, Inc., SBTI International, LLC, and Chairman of the Board for SBTI-China, which was their most successful global partner in growth and return on investment.

Prior to his global role, Joe served as Architect and Program Manager for the Master Black Belt Program, the most profitable service offering for 10 years. He managed instructor coordination, program and course design, module designs in various statistical, programming and soft skill topics. He was also responsible for personal mentoring and development for each Master Black Belt, including verification of their business results. Lead Instructor for Lean-Six-Sigma classes at key clients including Fairchild Semiconductor, Reckitt-Benckiser, Boston Scientific, 3M, Trane AC, Osram-Sylvania, Tyco Electronics, Johnson & Johnson (Domestic and European classes), Polaroid and Rexam (Domestic and European classes). He has worked with clients at FMC, Alcoa, and Invensys. He led the record-setting results class in Europe, which saved $4MM in 3 months.

Joe has personally trained and mentored over 1500 Black Belts and projects. Projects have spanned high and low volume production, glass and metals manufacture, high value medical analysis systems, consumer, beverage, medical and pharmaceutical packaging, building and commercial air-conditioning. He conducted over 20 executive workshops including plant leadership sessions, executive overviews, and leadership deployment workshops.