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Free Energy from the Sky: A DFSS Case Study

Companies desiring to grow their markets face challenges in obtaining, analyzing and acting upon the voice of their potential customers. Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) methodology and Voice of the Customer (VOC) techniques can be applied to both service industries such as home energy installations as well as high technology aerospace products.

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) in Pharma

Joe Ficalora, in his prior role as President of Global Services, shares how Lean Six Sigma tools can transform a pharmaceutical company's business on multiple fronts and improve the organization from top line to bottom line.

DFSS Solar Energy Case Study

Details the 7 Keys to DFSS Success:

  1. Active NPD Phase Gate Process
  2. Linkage to Growth Strategy
  3. "Mind-Meld" or being in step with Marketing
  4. Obtaining "True VOC" and acting on it
  5. Engineering Culture Shift, all engineers
  6. The Right Tools, Roadmap & Instruction
  7. Project by Project Selection & Reviews, every one, every time

Lean Sigma Impacts in Manufacturing Relocation

Whether you are a CEO, Managing Director or Plant Manager, decisions in offshoring production to lower cost labor centers have no doubt crossed your desk. This trend has had significant impacts in most major markets and usually takes the form of market challenges from traditional as well as new competitors who have taken advantage of these lower cost areas.

Sample of the Full Suite of Excel Workbooks Available to Our Customers

Process Map
Baselines - Continuous & Defects
C&E Matrix
Capability Analysis
Capability Summary
Process Sigma
Control Plan