main-hd-line Business Assessment

Ultimately all business problems fall into one of two areas, Growth or Cost, which are relative of course.

By assessing your business, Joe Ficalora & Associates will compare it to industry standards and world-class best practices. We will evaluate from top to bottom where you can make changes and what the investments will be to optimize your business performance.

If it's growth in sales that you lack:
We will apply our growth planning which includes:

  • Strategy Planning
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Market Segmentation
  • Voice of the Customer Process

If it's cost cutting that you need:
We will apply our efficiency improvement plans which include:

  • Leaning out your processes
    • remove scrap and waste
  • Supplier Planning & Analysis
  • Defect reduction & elimination

Not sure where to begin? Ask us about a comprehensive financial analysis. With a 1 day on-site visit and the right financial data, we can get your business kick-started into improvement overdrive right away.

With over 30 years industrial experience in areas from glass and metals manufacturing to high-tech engineering businesses to software distribution we know where the pitfalls and traps lie in business improvement.

Download a sample of the full suite of Excel workbooks available for customers