main-hd-line Accelerating Product Development

The New Product Development (NPD) process is possibly your most complex business process. This process impacts the company reputation, future revenues, and profits.

With so much on the line, all companies can benefit from accelerating this process to include state of the art techniques like DFSS tools and techniques if they haven't already done so. The NPD process is your key to top-line sales growth through the development of new products and services which have features that better meet customer needs over competing alternatives in the marketplace.

What investments have you made in your NPD process recently? Is it still a highly functioning process with real gates and phases? Does your NPD process have an owner? When was the last time you simultaneously launched new products with new services too? The Apple iPod would be just another good MP3 player without the iTunes service! So service development is one key to accelerating the value you bring to your customers. There are other keys to accelerating your value in the marketplace, so why not explore them with us?

How to begin? We can jointly assess your NPD process, comparing it to successful NPD processes across several industries. Whether it's a person-to person assessment, or a 100% survey with Neurametrics, you will get exactly what you need to identify the gaps in your product development arena. These gaps, once identified, can be closed over the course of several weeks or months, and then you can begin DFSS in earnest if that is your focus. If it's service or process development, we can do that too. Joe Ficalora led the development of the Six Sigma Process Design program that has been used successfully at several Fortune 100 companies across the USA.

Joe Ficalora & Associates have decades of product development and DFSS experience, and are ready to assist you in assessing your NPD process, flagging the gaps, and then improving your NPD process.